24-25 September 2018
European Space Astronomy Center (ESAC/ESA)
Europe/Madrid timezone



This is a voluntary survey to help improve the next workshop
(you can tick multiple selections)
How long should the entire workshop be. This years was two days. Keep as is or add more days?
Should the workshop be extended with hands-on programming/crafting session to learn about software or make stuff?
To reduce last-minute drop-outs, should we introduce a registration fee?
This year we had around 100 attending from the 120 registered.
Shall we organize a social event for all participants or do you prefer to self-organize?
Do you have a suggestion on how we can make the workshop more diverse? In particular we want to promote the participation of women in the workshop.
Should we exclude rigorously any talk and poster that does not have relevance to open source?
Please let us know if you have further comments regarding the workshop.
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